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J. David Krause, PhD, MSPH, CIH - Founder and President

For over 25 years, Dr. Krause has used his expertise in toxicology, industrial hygiene, environmental and occupational health, and indoor air quality to investigate exposures to microbes and chemicals in health care facilities, hotels, airports, industrial and manufacturing operations, and other institutions such as schools, government buildings, and multifamily dwellings. He received a Doctorate in Environmental and Occupational Health and a Masters of Science in Public Health from the University of South Florida. He is a nationally recognized expert in occupational and environmental risk assessments, workplace exposures, workplace fatality investigations, health care facilities, Legionnaires' Disease Outbreak Response, cooling tower assessment and inspections, combustion products, flame retardants, irritant chemical exposures, indoor air quality, and mold. 


Dr. Krause is the founder and principal Toxicologist for HealthCare Consulting and Contracting (HC3) in Tallahassee, Florida. His experience as a Public Health State Toxicologist, Certified Industrial Hygienist, and testifying expert witness brings a unique perspective to client issues and emergencies.  He has extensive experience serving as a scientific expert witness in legal proceedings, depositions, and trial testimony in state and federal courts. While serving as the State of Florida’s Public Health Toxicologist, he testified before the US Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation on the emerging issue of Chinese Drywall.  Video Testimony (at 1hr:12 min)


He is currently developing guidance on control measures to reduce risks of contracting CoVID-19 in the workplace, and guidance on ventilation and cleaning procedures to reduce the risk of COVID-19


Robert Jeans, CIEC- Florida Licensed Mold Assessor No. MRSA 1041, Senior Industrial Hygienist

Rob is an Environmental Scientist with over thirty years of experience providing indoor environmental quality (IEQ), health and safety, industrial hygiene, and water management services. Rob specializes in Legionella hazard assessment services.  He has extensive experience in industrial hygiene (IH) assessments which includes collecting occupational exposure samples for parameters such as respirable dust with silica, aldehydes, poly nuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, numerous metals including hexavalent chromium, isocyanates, solvents and occupational noise exposure for compliance with OSHA regulations. He has numerous investigations within hospitals, hotels and senior care facilities requiring specialized infection control techniques, and has served as an expert witness in legal cases.  

Shaiasia Erickson, MPH, Epidemiologist

Shaiasia is an epidemiologist who has worked in the public health field for over 10 years with a primary focus on environmental health issues. She received a Master of Public Health Epidemiology from Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University. Her experience in public health include outbreak investigations, indoor air quality assessment, cancer cluster investigations, mold and moisture assessment and remediation oversight, Legionella risk assessment as well as vector and tick-bone diseases. She has managed numerous projects relating to volatile organic compounds, mold and moisture, mold remediation oversight, Legionella risk assessment, epidemiologic review on outbreak investigations, and the Florida 2016 Zika outbreak. Shaiasia is also the former Tick-borne Disease Coordinator, and Vector-Borne Disease Assistant Coordinator of the Florida Department of Health (FLDOH).

Alexis Jones, MPH - Florida Licensed Mold Assessor No. MRSA 3178, Industrial Hygienist

Alexis has four years of relevant toxicology, industrial hygiene, environmental and occupational health, and indoor air quality experience. She has managed numerous projects pertaining to mold remediation oversight, volatile organic compound exposures, cooling tower assessment and inspections, and hazardous chemical assessment and remediation. Alexis has been heavily involved with Legionnaire's Disease Outbreak Response protocols in hospitals, airports, hotels, and other commercial facilities. She is Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) accredited and Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) certified. Alexis received her bachelor’s degree in Biology, with a minor in chemistry from Florida State University, and a master’s degree in Public Health- environmental toxicology from Florida International University.

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